Benjamin Thomas


Building a brand is like composing. It takes thought and talent to make complex matters sound easy.

Benjamin Thomas

Benjamin Thomas – Creative brand solutions

A lot of time and money is wasted on unsuccessful communication between corporate marketeers and creative agencies. This is a common problem: both parties possess a different knowledge and vocabulary and are accounted for different results. This same problem occurs when adding a third party in the role of the production company. Neither of these parties share the common ground to extract the optimal result from a creative project.

– Summarize project outtake and business KPI’s
– Define creative landscape and production possibilities / barriers
– Deduce project complexity
– Middle man between parties: Noise reduction
– Production supervision
– Quality and consistency monitoring


Benjamin Thomas is a brand strategist and graphic designer based in the heart of Amsterdam. When facing challenging brand issues I would love to help you deduce complexity with creativity and passion.

I focus primarily on the creative aspects of all marketing elements. With over 8 years experience in FMCG and luxury I offer passionate dedication to the following tasks:

Brand Strategy (brand development, brand positioning, brand consistency)
– Graphic design (corporate identity, web design, brand- and packaging design)
– Production support (chromatics, pre-press, inks and materials consultancy, quality management)
– Online marketing (web development, content management, SEO, Social Media marketing)


I am independent, flexible and am skilled to create most things in-house. For all other tasks I have a great network of creatives in all kinds of disciplines, like 3D visualizers, photographers, online/social experts, web developers and copywriters. Besides that I am in close contact with many high quality commercial and luxury printers for all your packaging and POSM. It does not matter if your creative brand solutions comes in carton, wood, metal or plastic, together we will reach the optimal result.